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About M-info


Our blogs

At M-info we write maritime focused blogs that are current, relevant and concise. This website has been designed for today's finger scrolling generation that wants its feed to be of interest, to the point and not too lengthy.

Why did we start M-info?

All our bloggers have been posting on a variety of shipping related topics on different social media platforms for a long time. The lifespan of our content there is rather short as it gets lost in a sea of information within days, if not hours. That is why we decided to create this blog which will act as a repository of all that we post, be it on LinkedIn, Twitter or any other platform.

Are we subject matter experts? Certainly not and we don't want to portray ourselves as one either. All bloggers contributing to M-info share a passion for shipping and writing. That is the reason we have come together. 

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