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Scrapping ships in non-EU approved yards can have consequences for mariners too!

Last week, a Dutch court fined a shipowner as they had beached a vessel in India in 2013 in violation of EU waste shipment regulations which prohibits scrapping on tidal mudflats. If the Seatrade case (back in March’18) wasn’t enough to alert the marine industry, then this case certainly is a warning shot - as BESIDES the owner, the "MASTER" of the vessel too had to face the wrath of authorities - and in 2015 had his licence suspended for breach of duty of care towards the crew, ship, cargo, environment and traffic by the Dutch disciplinary committee.

As per them the action of moving the vessel from EU waters to Alang was performed by the Master/under his authority. As per the committee, in 2013 the dangerous consequences of beaching a vessel in India (such as env damage and sub-standard working conditions) were well known within the industry and Master should have known. One of the evidences used against the Master was a video of beaching uploaded on youtube by the Master himself! Master's suspension was suspended on probation.

Sticking to the same topic, earlier this month, Bangladeshi authorities fined a local shipbreaking company for illegally breaking up a grounded ship in an unapproved location, thus setting a noteworthy precedent.

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